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Strengthening Hispanic Ministries Across Denominations: A Call to Action

Written and Edited by Edwin I. Hernandez, Milagros Pena, Rev. Kenneth Davis, CSC, and Elizabeth Station

In a historic interdenominational meeting at Duke University in October 2003, a group of 33 Hispanic/Latino religious leaders from across the United States outlined a broad agenda to strengthen ministry to the nation's growing Hispanic population. Setting aside theological and doctrinal differences, the church leaders--representing 19 denominations from Catholics to Pentecostals to mainline Protestants--called for new efforts to address a variety of challenges common to all Hispanic/Latino churches. Those include, among other issues, inadequate opportunities for theological education, a lack of lay leadership, and declining church participation by second- and third-generation Latino-American youth. This report, from Pulpit & Pew and the Center for the Study of Latino Religion, seeks to give readers a sense of the spirit and content of that meeting and a look at the reality that Hispanic churches face in the U.S. today.

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Pastor Speaking to Ladies
Pastor Speaking to Ladies